Music education included in MLA curriculum:

We are currently suspending the Music Classes provided by the outside teachers for the Covid safety precautions.

Daily music and movement at the circle time continues by the Montessori certified classroom teachers.

Whole class Music  and Movement

The Montessori Language Academy includes group music and movement lessons once a week by Dr. Daniel Gasse as part of our school’s curriculum. During the class, children sing, dance, move, chant, listen and learn how to read music and play simple instruments. The activities are designed to strengthen the natural connection between music and movement, while enhancing musical aptitude and listening abilities.
The indirect goals for the music education are improvement of physical coordination, intellectual capacity, memory, focus, concentration, goal setting, and organizational skills. Dr. Gasse is the founding director of the Gasse School of Music in Forest Park, where he teaches cello and coaches chamber music. He also is a music director in the Suzuki-Orff School for Young Musicians in Chicago. Dr. Gasse has a Professor de Violonchelo degree from the Convervatorio Provincial de Musica de la Provincia de Cordoba, a Master and a Doctor in Musical Arts with a minor in Music Education from the University of Illinois. Dr. Gasse also is trained in and has large experience in early childhood education. He has extensively taught Orff and Musikgarten classes.

Harmonica class for the kindergartners

All of the kindergartners will be enrolled in once a week harmonica class taught by Mr. John Milan.

Elective classes – following elective classes are offered with extra fee:

Private piano lessons: Ms. Lieko Park, M.M.

  • Ms. Park provides private piano lessons for an additional fee to students of MLA aged four and a half up. Ms. Park is also a trumpeter, and holds certificates in Teaching in Junior High and High School. Ms. Park has an M.M. in Trumpet Performance and Professional Diploma in Orchestral Studies from Chicago college of Performing Arts at Roosevelt University.

Group harmonica lessons for preschoolers: Mr. John Milan

  • While kindergartners will automatically be enrolled in harmonica class, if your preschool age children are interested in learning harmonica, lessons are available with extra fee.