Frequently Asked Questions

Can I come to observe the class?

Yes. Please call or email us to schedule your visit.

314 Circle Ave., Forest Park, IL, 60130
(708) 771-5030

What is the starting age?

Your child can start attending as soon as he/she turns three years old and is potty trained. The Montessori Language Academy accepts enrollment year-round.

What are the teachers’ qualifications?

All of our teachers – including the assistant teachers – have a Montessori teacher’s certification from the American Montessori Society. Because of the unique language immersion setting, your child will be able to work with six Montessori certified teachers every day. In addition, teachers at MLA regularly attend educational workshops and seminars as a part of their continuing professional development. All of the Japanese class teachers are natives of Japan.

Do you teach only “Language?”

Our program has the full Montessori curriculum. Children learn Social Skills, Math, the Japanese language, and the English language.

My family doesn’t speak Japanese.

Half of the children at the Montessori Language Academy come from families with no Japanese heritage. In the classroom, older students translate for the new ones.

Will my child learn enough English in preparation for 1st grade?

Our Montessori certified English teachers are very experienced in working with children who are learning two languages. MLA graduates are very successful in reading and writing when they attend regular elementary school.

Can my child attend 2-3 days per week?

In order to create an active children’s community, we ask families to send children for 5 days a week. We have options to mix half-day, full-day, and extended-day programs during the week.