Arts and Crafts

The basic skills for arts and crafts are presented to children when they start at the Montessori Language Academy. These skills include pasting, painting, coloring, folding, molding and cutting. Children have freedom to use prepared materials on art shelves to express themselves. Through creative art, children learn to express their thoughts and feelings that their language skills cannot yet realize. They also learn that through their creations, they can communicate with others to recieve support and feedback. These are some important experiences that young children use to develop their language, social and emotional skills. Creative art also helps children learn how to concentrate and gain confidence in themselves. Arts and crafts are integrated in all areas of the Montessori Curriculum such as geography, science and language.

In addition to daily art activities, children who stay after lunch and who are older than 4 years old have Matisse, Monet, and Me Art Class without any extra charge, twice a month.  The director of Matisse Monet and Me, Ms. Dena Maloy, teaches art classes to children of primary and elementary levels, and specializes in Montessori schools and their philosophy. With Ms. Dena, children explore art through the eyes of an artist, and are introduced to different art materials and techniques. Ms. Dena is the mother of a Montessori child, a designer, and has taught Art at Harper College, IADT, and Columbia College.