Geography and Culture

The Geography Material presented to the student enables the child to gain familiarity and awareness about the world on a larger scale and also expands the child’s knowledge about the world where he lives in. Geography lessons are also connected to cultural experiences from foreign countries. Unlike traditional cultural lessons, we first introduce similarities among different cultures to build a connection in children’s mind, then they explore differences later. For example, children learn that ‘rice’ is consumed in various cultures and babies in all cultures prefer plain cooked rice, but later on they are introduced to different way of cooking and seasoning depending on the culture.

Geography lessons also study of solar system in preparation of children’s next developmental stage, where they become aware of their existence in the universe. On each child’s birthday celebration, the four season’s mat is laid out on the floor, a candle is lit at the center of the mat representing the Sun. The child carries a globe and walk around the Sun for the number of his age.