English Language

The Montessori language curriculum is an integrated approach that combines phonetics and whole language. Children are first introduced to letters and sounds, and after several sounds are mastered, they can begin to encode (spell) and decode (read) words by linking these sounds together. Words that do not follow the patterns or rules of the English language are presented as sight words. Once the children have become confident with their language skills, they can use it to enhance their studies in other areas of the classroom such as science, geography and history. In this way, children not only learn to read early, but also develop a love of reading which is invaluable to future learning.

At the Montessori Language Academy, our English class starts in the afternoon. During this time, English language teachers replace Japanese teachers to work on the English Language Arts. Children work with Montessori language materials, are read to daily, and are encouraged to read on their own. To enhance their writing skills and study habits, children engage in various exercises and activities.